Wednesday, January 16, 2008

blog filter: Epsilon and Glimmer

Here are two blog posts pulled from Planet Eclipse this week that relate somewhat to my quest for modeling language nirvana (whatever that means).

First is about a very cool looking Eclipse GMT subproject called Epsilon. The post is about how Epsilon can transform from HUTN to EMF (HUTN is a spec that outlines a general purpose textual syntax for describing models). See the linked screencast demo. Also mentioned are xText and TCS - two textual modeling / DSL systems in the Eclipse modeling project orbit.

The second post is about Glimmer. (And it makes the bold, but somewhat dubious claim that 'XML is dead'. Don't we wish!). Glimmer looks like a simple declarative syntax for SWT screen layout. I thought this was cool because I've been generating graphviz's DOT syntax from Gem and it would be similarly easy to generate Glimmer.

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